In order to run examples, you will need to Install NodeGit first.

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Initializing a Repository

This guide explains how to create a new repository.

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Requiring NodeGit

In the guides directory, we like to keep our NodeGit relative to the project root.

var NodeGit = require("../../../");

However, in your project you will most likely be using the following command:

var NodeGit = require("nodegit");

Arguments to initialize a repo

There are 2 arguments to the init method, a path to initialize the repo in and whether or not to make a .git subfolder in that directory or use the passed in directory as the .git folder itself.

var pathToRepo = require("path").resolve("../my-git-projects/my-project");
var isBare = 0; // lets create a .git subfolder

Initialize the Repo

Now that we have our arguments we can call the init method on the NodeGit.Repository module to create the repo.

NodeGit.Repository.init(pathToRepo, isBare).then(function (repo) {
  // In this function we have a repo object that we can perform git operations
  // on.

  // Note that with a new repository many functions will fail until there is
  // an initial commit.