Transport.sshWithPaths AsyncExperimental

Transport.sshWithPaths(owner, payload).then(function(transport) {
  // Use transport
Parameters Type  
owner Remote the owning remote
payload Void a strarray with the paths
Transport the resulting transport

Transport.unregister SyncExperimental

var result = Transport.unregister(prefix);
Parameters Type  
prefix String From the previous call to git_transport_register
Number 0 or an error code

Transport#init SyncExperimental

var result = transport.init(version);
Parameters Type  
version Number Version of struct; pass GIT_TRANSPORT_VERSION
Number Zero on success; -1 on failure.

Transport#smartCertificateCheck SyncExperimental

var result = transport.smartCertificateCheck(cert, valid, hostname);
Parameters Type  
cert Cert the certificate to pass to the caller
valid Number whether we believe the certificate is valid
hostname String the hostname we connected to
Number the return value of the callback

Transport.FLAGS ENUM

Flag Value
Transport.FLAGS.NONE 0